From setting up and looking after your board to mastering your tricks, we are here to help!

Check out our videos below, and you will be shredding like a pro in no time!

1. Safety and Maintenance

In this video we show you the basics of looking after your skateboard and staying safe while riding.

2. Pushing and Turning

Let’s get started! In this video you will learn how to correctly stand on your board and get moving.

3. How to Ollie

The ollie is a fundamental skateboard trick that, once mastered, will lead to so many other tricks. Your riding level will instantly go up and you’ll be able to cruise the streets, hopping up curbs and over obstacles.

4. 180 Ollie

In this video you’ll learn both frontside and backside 180 ollies. This is the ideal next step for once you have mastered the standard ollie!

5. Kickflip

The kick flip not only looks awesome, it also opens the door to a whole world of flip tricks!

Using a similar technique to the ollie, if you practice this one a lot, you will get it nailed in no time!

6. Heelflip

This is pretty similar to the kick flip. Some people might want to skip the kick flip and go for the heel flip first.

Either way, it’s great to try and master both!

7. Pumping & Kickturns

This video will teach you how to pump up and down the ramp as well as throwing in some kick turns to get you skating around the ramp or bowl with ease and style!

8. Dropping in

One of the key things that all skateboarders want to master but find a bit nerve-wracking at first. Use the tips in this video to help you become a pro at dropping in on any ramp!

9. Rock Fakie

Now you’re stepping up! The Rock Fakie is a trick where your deck makes contact with the coping!

This is a great trick that you can practice on any size ramp and build your way up!

10. Axle Stalls

Now that you’ve got the hang of dropping in and kick turns, this next stage is going to get you owning the mini ramp in no time!