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episode 1 - stance & pushing

In this Enuff academy we are going to start at the very beginning and teach you the basics of riding - how to stand and how to push on a skateboard.

We'd like to say a big thank you to ATBShop Skate Warehouse for letting us film in their park and Geoff from Rubicon for his time and expertise.


things to remember


  • Left foot forward = regular stance

  • Right foot forward = goofy stance

  • Use the 'push' test to find out your strong foot, this one goes at the front

  • Back foot goes on the tail


  • Pushing with your back foot = regular pushing

  • Strong foot on the front bolts pointing forwards

  • Lean forwards

  • Once your pushing foot has left the ground, place it on the tail instead of the middle of the board

  • By stepping straight onto the tail you are set-up for tricks

  • Pushing with your front foot = mongo pushing

  • Try and avoid pushing mongo as it is a little less effective and takes more steps to set-up tricks​