Decade Pro Hollow Trucks

Decade Pro Hollow Trucks


We are proud to introduce the latest addition to the Enuff Decade Pro truck range. The new Hollow Decade truck features both a hollow kingpin and axle made from grade 12 steel making this the lightest and strongest truck in the range. Available in 139mm and for the first time 149mm these trucks suit the needs of today’s modern skateboarder and have been tried and tested by our team of riders who love the smooth grinds and responsive turning.

Boasting low set kingpins for maximum grind space with no hang ups, laser etched logos and available in two great colours these trucks have gone down a storm!!


General Hollow Kingpin and Axle Made From Grade 12 Steel for Weight Reduction and Increased Strength and Durability
Geometry 19.5° Kingpin Angle Provides Superior Turning and Stability
Hanger 139mm and 149mm Available for all Colours

Maximum Grind Space Before Reaching Axle

Laser Cut Logo