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Enuff academy.

Our commitment to getting everyone started.

Welcome to the Enuff academy.


We have teamed up with Team Rubicon, the UK's largest and leading nationwide provider of skateboard workshops, to teach you skateboarding.

We want skateboarding to be accessible to everyone, so we have designed this free resource to help inspire and educate the next generation of skaters.

Our aim is to cover all aspects of skateboarding from beginner, all the way to advanced and everything in between, so we hope you learn something, have fun and keep skating.

Enuff academy ep.1 - stance & pushing

In this episode, Geoff will be teaching you the basics of riding - how to stand and how to push on a skateboard.

Enuff Academy Thumbnail Ep1 Stance and Pushing Final.jpg


Enuff academy ep.3 - turning

In this episode, Geoff will be teaching another skateboarding fundamental - how to turn.

Enuff Academy Thumbnail Ep3 Turning.jpg


Enuff academy ep.5 - bs pop shuv

In this episode, you will be learning an important flip trick, the backside pop shuvit.

Enuff Academy Thumbnail Ep5 BS Pop Shuv.jpg


Enuff academy ep.7 - bs 180

In this Enuff academy, you are going to learn the backside 180.

Enuff Academy Thumbnail Ep7 BS 180.jpg


Enuff academy ep.9 - heelflip

Some find it harder than the kickflip, some people don’t - in this video you’ll be learning the heelflip.

Enuff Academy Thumbnail Ep9 Heelflip.jpg

Will go live on the 18th of August at 11am BST

Enuff academy ep.2 - braking

In this Enuff academy, Geoff will be teaching you how to slow down and stop while riding.

Enuff Academy Thumbnail Ep2 Braking Final.jpg


Enuff academy ep.4 - ollie

In this Enuff academy, Geoff will be teaching the basis for almost every trick – the ollie.

Enuff Academy Thumbnail Ep4 Ollie.jpg


Enuff academy ep.6 - fs 180

In this episode, Geoff will to teach you another great foundational trick, the frontside 180 ollie.

Enuff Academy Thumbnail Ep6 FS 180.jpg


Enuff academy ep.8 - kickflip

In this episode, Geoff will be teaching you arguable the most famous trick in skateboarding – the kickflip

Enuff Academy Thumbnail Ep8 Kickflip.jpg