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bs 180 ollie

In this episode, Geoff will to teach you the backside 180 ollie.

We'd like to say a big thank you to ATBShop Skate Warehouse for letting us film in their park and Geoff from Rubicon for his time and expertise.

things to remember​​

  • Backside is turning the back of your body around to the other direction

  • Back foot sits on the tail

  • Front foot sits just before the bolts on a slight angle

  • Pop the ollie

  • Using your hips, chest, shoulders and head - swing everything around to help with momentum for the 180 spin

  • Land with wide feet and bent knees in fakie (backwards)

  • Don't feel disheartened if you are only reaching 45/90 degrees, keep practicing and you'll get there

  • A good stepping stone is to land on the nose and pivot the board the rest of the way around

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