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changing wheels & bearings

In this Enuff academy Cam will be teaching you how to install and change your wheels and bearings.

We'd like to say a big thank you to Butters Skate Shop for letting us film in their shop and Cam from Rubicon for his time and expertise.

how to change your wheels & bearings

what you'll need

  • Deck with trucks

  • Wheels

  • Bearings

  • Skate tool

step 1

Remove the nut from the truck axle.

Wheels and Bearings 1.jpg

step 2

 Take a bearing and place it on the truck axle.

Wheels and Bearings 2.jpg

step 3

Take a wheel and push it down over the bearing, ensuring it is level.

Wheels and Bearings 3.jpg

step 4

Each wheel has 2 bearings so repeat for the other side of the wheel.

Wheels and Bearings 4.jpg

step 5

Pop the nut back on and tighten with the skate tool. The nut should be securely on, but not too tight, as this impacts how fast the wheel can spin.

Wheels and Bearings 5.jpg

step 6

If you need to remove a bearing, use the truck axle to leverage it out.

Wheels and Bearings 6.jpg
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