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bs pop shuv

In this episode, you will be learning an important flip trick, the backside pop shuvit.

We'd like to say a big thank you to ATBShop Skate Warehouse for letting us film in their park and Geoff from Rubicon for his time and expertise.

things to remember​​



  • Backside means the board will spin in front of you

  • Pop refers to the pop of the tail which gives the trick height

  • Shuvit is the name given to the board spinning 180 degrees while you don't


how to pop shuvit

  • Place your back foot on the tail, slightly hanging your toes over the edge will help with the scooping action

  • Place your front foot near the front bolts

  • Using your back foot, pop an ollie and scoop your foot backwards at the same time

  • Your front foot pushes outwards, shoving the board, helping it complete the 180 degree spin

  • Let the board spin below your feet and try and land with wide feet on the bolts and bent knees


ways to learn

  • Some people find it easier to spin the board in front of them, increasing the distance in which they need to jump to land on the board, whereas some people spin the board directly under their feet. Both ways are correct, try them both and see which way you prefer

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