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In this Enuff academy, Geoff will be teaching the basis for almost every trick – the ollie.

We'd like to say a big thank you to ATBShop Skate Warehouse for letting us film in their park and Geoff from Rubicon for his time and expertise.

things to remember​​

  • Place your back foot onto the tail, toes in the centre of the tail

  • Place your front foot just before the bolts

  • Push down with your back foot pushing the tail into the ground

  • Drag your front foot up the skateboard, this will give the height

  • Once the board is in the air, push down trying to level the board out

  • Land with wide feet and bent knees

  • Once you begin mastering the ollie, progress the technique by clearing objects. Start with a chalk line and move on to a stick, a brick, a board...

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