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A Day With 'Let's Go Skate' Skate School

Here at Enuff Skateboards, our key principles are to get as many people into skateboarding as possible and to make the sport accessible to everyone.

One way we achieve this is by providing high-quality skateboards at an affordable price. This makes our range of complete skateboards a popular choice for skate schools up and down the UK and beyond.

We caught up with one of these schools and spent a day documenting their sessions, so we could get a better feel of what they do and how our boards perform for their needs.

Check out our video from the day:

Meet Jason Emery, owner and instructor at Let’s Go Skate; a non-profit, community interest company.

Based in Cambridgeshire, UK, Let’s Go Skate offers skateboard lessons to kids and adults alike, helping them get over the skills gap that some people find when they begin skateboarding.

Let’s Go Skate was founded in 2016 and have been working with us ever since.

Jason explains in the video why he uses Enuff skateboards:

“Enuff boards give the real experience of being a skateboarder because they perform just as a skateboard should do.”

These specific Let’s Go Skate sessions are in partnership with Living Sport, with the aim to get kids into skateboarding. 10 lessons are provided for free and if the child attends all 10 they get a free skateboard to continue their newfound love for the sport.

Megan from Living Sport explains in the video that schemes like this are important as they help young people get outside and equip them with different skills that they need.

Thank you for watching our video and reading this article, and even sharing our story on your social channels. Campaigns like this are part of our continued effort to encourage new people into the world of skateboarding.

We hope to create more content like this with many of our stockists, so if this is of interest to you, please email


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