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Our Interview with Slick Willie’s Skate Store

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Slick Willie’s has been serving the London Skate scene since skateboarding came over from America in the 1970’s and is London’s oldest skate store.

We sat down with Store Manager Nick to chat about the impact the store has had over this time and the big rise in popularity of skateboarding in the UK on the lead up to the 2020 Olympic Games, which saw big numbers of new skaters, older skaters coming back into the scene and a large uptick in females taking up skateboarding.

According to this article in The Guardian, in the previous summer “Skateboarding sales grew 34% with a 21% increase in female skateboarders in the UK.”

We also chatted about our relationship with Slick Willie’s and why they have been a long-time stockist and supporter of Enuff Skateboards.

In the future we hope to create an interview series with many of our stockists, so if this is you and of interest, please email


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