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The Enuff Academy So Far

The Enuff academy is in full swing and our videos are reaching skaters all around the globe, with over 62,000 views and counting! We launched the academy just 19 weeks ago, here's a look at our most popular videos so far, and what you can expect from the Enuff academy in the future.

Here's what our followers have said so far, it's awesome to see new skaters getting into the sport and using the academy to learn and progress.

What is the Enuff academy?

To put it simply, the Enuff academy is a free hub of video tutorials designed to help inspire and educate the next generation of skaters. We teamed up with Team Rubicon, the UK's largest and leading nationwide provider of skateboard workshops, to create a series of video episodes. Each episode covers a trick or technique to help skaters progress from beginner all the way through to advanced. It's our way of giving back to the skateboarding community and we're passionate about encouraging new skaters to join the sport.

Let's take a look at our most popular videos so far:

episode 2 - braking

With 36,000 views and counting, this is at the top

of our list, and for good reason!

episode 4 - ollie

An essential part of skateboarding, proven

with over 5000 views on Instagram alone!

episode 8 - kickflip

Over 3900 plays on YouTube show this video

is a popular one to watch!

episode 1 - stance / pushing

The episode that launched the academy

with over 3200 views on Instagram!

Here's what to expect from the future of the Enuff academy:

episode 11 - how to grip your board

In this Enuff academy Cam will to teach you

how to apply grip tape to your skateboard.

Going live September 15th 11am BST

episode 12 - how to fit your trucks

In this episode Cam will show you how to

fit trucks to your skateboard.

Going live September 29th 11am BST

episode 13 - how to change your wheels & bearings

In this Enuff academy Cam will be teaching you

how to install and change your wheels and bearings.

Going live October 13th 11am BST

episode 14 - how to change your bushings

Ever wondered how to change your bushings and

why you would want to? That's what you'll be finding

out in this episode of the Enuff academy.

Going live October 27th 11am BST


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